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Non-GMO pasture-raised products

Let M.A.D. Farms be your source for the some of the best healthy, local, non-GMO pasture-raised products! We raise grass-fed beef (grass-finished), pasture-raised chicken and turkey, forest-raised pork, grain-free lamb, and free-range eggs. It may be more labor-intensive, but we believe it’s work the extra effort to raise happy, healthy, nutritious animals.

That’s why we’re working hard to Make A Difference in your lives!

Welcome to M.A.D. Farms!
Making A Difference
Mobile, regenerative Farming
Free range chickens
Making A Difference
Free Range, Pastured Chickens
Woodland Pork
Making A Difference
Woodland Pork
Farm fresh, non-GMO eggs from Free range hens!
Making A Difference
Farm-fresh eggs, from happy chickens
Making A Difference
Respectful cooperation with nature
non-GMO broiler chicken
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Making A Difference in your food choices. Working hard to provide your family with the highest quality products, in the most natural way possible! We offer non-GMO pasture raised products that you can trust.

100% Transparency

We offer transparency in our processes and products, and would be glad to meet you in person! Feel free to schedule a Farm visit, and bring your family to see where your food comes from, and how it is raised!

Our South Poll cattle, non-GMO pasture raised beef

Grass Fed and Finished Beef

Our South Poll Cattle eat grass, and only grass! From start to finish, our herd is provided with fresh grass, with daily moves to new paddocks.

Non-GMO Pork

Our heritage breed American Guinea Hogs produce the most succulent pork! They are rotated through forested paddocks on our farm. This allows them to express themselves with rooting, and keeps them clean and healthy!

A non-GMO turkey for Thanksgiving is something to be thankful for

Thanksgiving Turkey

If you’ve never tried a Thanksgiving turkey that has been raised outside on green grass, you don’t know what you’re missing! Reserve one soon!